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  1. further insite into final fantasy and other anime.
  2. sharing comments on the different final fantasy anime and the games they have along with the different types of anime and their games.
  3. the most important thing that we will be doing on this website is being respectful to each other.
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This Anime is a good choice if you like a great fantasy world in a virtual reality.

This is a good game and is a role playing game. This game is also very long and has 3 discs.

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This anime is a good action/thriller, it even has it's own videogame.

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Bleach is a good anime and it also has plenty of characters. The only down-fall of it is that it just keeps on going when it should end.
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Rosario + Vampire is an interesting anime because the genres are harem, romance, school-life, and sci-fi.
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This link will send you to a website that will let you watch Anime episodes and and even browse through the different genres and so on.
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